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Charlestown Square

Charlestown Square Fanquip Ventilation Solutions

Fanquip has provided large retail shopping centers like Charlestown Square and Westfield with ventilation solutions. Shopping centres face the unique challenge of large open spaces and changing activity, so the ventilation system needs to be able to function even in the busiest holiday periods and provide the crowds with clean air.

The solution:

Fanquip Direct Flow Fans are ideal for ducted extraction of relatively clean air, such as with spray booths, dust, heat and steam. Both Fanquip Axial Flow Fan types are available using adjustable pitch GRP (glassfibre reinforced polypropylene), or cast aluminium aerofoil impellers.

The units are fitted with Single Phase 240V or Three Phase 415V, heavy duty motors of rugged construction, which incorporate sealed ball bearings to reduce operating noise. Long life bearings reduce levels of mechanical wear, and the Vee Belt models have a removable inspection plate giving ready access, easy cleaning and servicing of blades and the bearing drive assembly.