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Industrial Heater Fans for Your Workplace – Trolley & Wall Mounted

Portable Industrial Heater


During the winter months, the temperature decreases and workers look for ways to keep warm at work. Industrial facilities and warehouses without adequate insulation often lack heat during the colder months. Maintaining thermal comfort in indoor work environments can be achieved through industrial heater fans and portable heater fans.

Employers are obliged to provide and maintain a suitable working environment for employees, especially during winter. Heating promotes productivity which in turn can help improve overall output. Purchasing an industrial fan heater is a good business decision that benefits employee satisfaction and overall productivity.


Domestic fans are not a suitable solution for workshops, warehouses or industrial facilities. These types of commercial facilities require industrial fan heaters with a steel casing, thermal cutouts and no naked flames. Portable heater fans provide warmth and are easily wheeled into position for any operation requiring its heat source to be moved according to floor plan adjustments. Wall-mounted heater fans can be strategically placed around a fixed workplace to provide optimum heat levels on minimum power requirements.


Portable heater fans, relocatable air circulators and portable purging fans are just some of the list of equipment that can combine to provide an ambient control solution during painting. Creating these temporary conditions is extremely important considering that painting teams working on industrial premises are often applying to a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, steel, wood and, at times, plastic

The creation of ambient air conditions allows the pain to cure quickly. This can be a highly controlled drying rate by adjusting the heat and airflow against the general atmospheric temperature and wind flow conditions.

It amounts to faster job completion for painting companies with less downtime for the owners of the plant. Overall it provides a better quality of finish and lifespan of the paint because it has been allowed to cure at an optimum rate.

Of all the technologies, Fanquip’s heater fans are arguably the most important for painters, not least because they are powered by electricity rather than gas, ensuring combustibility potential is virtually non-existent.

Industrial Heater Fans



There are many features and benefits across Fanquip’s range of portable and industrial heater fans.

  • Electricity-powered heater fan, ensuring combustibility potential is virtually non-existent.
  • Australian-made industrial heater fans, manufactured at our Sydney facility in Prestons, NSW.
  • Workplace approved heavy industrial fan heater.
  • Element power ranges from 7kW – 36kW per unit, depending on the model.
  • Fanquip’s heater fans’ heat energy output ranges from  8,640kJ to 129,600kJ.
  • Wall mount or portable trolley heater fan options are available.
  • All units utilise black heat elements and over temp cut outs.
  • Designed for confined spaces and areas.
  • Regulate temperatures in workshops, warehouses, manufacturing & industrial facilities by up to 20 degrees celsius.
  • Use to accelerate drying or curing times in manufacturing processes
  • Suitable for spot heating applications.

Invest in a  heating solution that helps to regulate temperatures and keep employees warm during winter. Not only does this solution increase employee satisfaction, but there are also links to increased productivity when optimal temperatures are met. Fanquip’s  portable trolley and wall mount heater fans are a great industrial solution across a range of industries. Proudly made in Australia, our fans have been designed with our tough Australian climate in mind. Shop our full range of heater fans online here, or get in touch with a specialist to discuss a custom heating solution for your business.