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Industrial Roof Fans for ventilation

Fanquip Profile Base Roof Fans

Roof Fans are an important part of any industrial ventilation system. They are used to remove heat, smoke, fumes, and other airborne contaminants from the workspace. Fanquip is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Roof Fans for use in a variety of industries including warehouse, manufacturing, food processing, and more. 

When it comes to industrial roof fans, there are many benefits that they provide. One of the main advantages is that they are excellent at avoiding overheating within a facility. As hot air rises to the ceiling, a Roof Exhaust Fan would be able to move the warm air out of the building, helping to maintain cool indoor temperatures. In addition, these fans also help to improve indoor air quality by removing any contaminants that may be present. As a result, industrial roof fans play an important role in ensuring that facilities are comfortable and safe for both employees and customers. 

There are three types of Fanquip Roof Fans available: Vertical Discharge, Curb Base Hooded, and Profile Base Hooded.  

Profile Base Hooded Roof Fans

Vertical Discharge Roof Fans

Designed for vertical discharge applications, vertical discharge roof fans can help control humidity within a space by removing hot air as it rises to the ceiling. A vertical discharge exhaust fan is ideal for commercial or industrial applications, from hospitals and office buildings to manufacturing facilities or warehouses, where the exhaust needs to be discharged vertically. This can include dust, steam, smoke or noxious gasses which need to be discharged high into the atmosphere rather than back onto the building roof (in contrast to a downflow hooded roof fan design). 

Proudly Australian-made, Fanquip’s vertical ventilation fan is made extra heavy-duty, with hot-dipped galvanised construction for longevity. Our vertical discharge roof fans have weather-proof butterfly dampers that can withstand all environmental conditions when mounted on a building’s roof.  

Choose from a range of sizes from 300mm1500mm, with the option for customised sizing available. Fanquip’s vertical discharge roof fans are the perfect solution for any business looking to improve its ventilation system.  

Vertical Discharge Roof Fans

Profile Base Hooded Roof Fans

Profile Base Hooded Roof Fan

Profile roof fans are an effective way to improve air quality, as they help to remove humidity, heat and harmful pollutants from the air. Fanquip’s Profile Base Hooded Roof Fans are made with durable fiberglass and hot dip galvanised steel materials. In addition, we offer a variety of sizes, colours, and profile bases to choose from, so you can find the perfect fan for your needs.  

Using a Profile Base Hooded Roof Fan, installation costs and time are cut by as much as 60%. No flashings are required, with a simple installation process by following the step-by-step Fanquip installation guide. The fibreglass profile base is overlapped and underlapped from all sides, ensuring a seamless weatherproof finish, and removing the feed for upstands and flashings.  

Should a roof profile not match any of the six profiles, a curb base is then used to accommodate the situation. By investing in a quality Roof Vent Fan, you can help to improve the air quality in your facility and create a healthier environment for everyone. 

Curb Base Hooded Roof Fan

Fanquip’s Curb Base Hooded Roof Fans are designed for use in applications for discharging the air out through the roof and include a heavy duty hood to stop rain ingress. They are often strategically placed at a significant distance from the major opening of a warehouse, workshop, storage depot, processing plant or other large complexes to create an airflow over a large area before it is extracted. 

Our Curb Base Hooded Roof Fans are just what you need to maintain good airflow in your facility. With its exhaust or supply functions, reliable and weatherproof, you can trust that it will help maintain air quality in your facility in the most efficient way possible.  

Made from fibreglass or hot dip galvanised steel, Fanquip Hooded Roof Fans are heavy-duty and lightweight and have the ability to withstand the force of extreme weather conditions and the threat of erosion. Available in a range of sizes from 300mm – 1200 mm across a range of standard profile bases making installation a straightforward procedure.  

Curb Base Hooded Roof Fan
Industrial Roof Fan Installation

Fanquip’s Industrial Roof Fans are the perfect solution for any business or facility looking to improve its ventilation system. With a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles to choose from, we have the perfect roof fan for any requirement. Fanquip’s Roof Fans are available with the option of stainless steel construction, IP56 or IP66 motors and hazardous zone/flameproof rated. 

Roof Fans play a significant role in ensuring that facilities are comfortable and safe for both employees and customers and should be a top priority for any business. Fanquip is proud to offer a variety of Australian-made industrial Roof Fans available to  purchase online. If you are looking for a custom solution or more information, contact a Fanquip ventilation specialist today.