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Industrial cooling solutions for your workplace

Industrial Cooling

Industrial workspaces can get oppressively hot during the summer, and keeping your warehouse or workshop at a comfortable temperature can make all the difference. Recent studies at Sydney University make it clear that people’s performance can rapidly deteriorate if the temperature rises outside of a set range [1].  

To mitigate risks associated with high temperatures, ensure your building has good ventilation and keep it at optimal temperature, airflow, and humidity conditions. According to SafeWork, the temperature should be maintained within a range of 20-26 degrees for most tasks but can be lower for higher levels of physical activity [2]. To prevent stagnation, the air velocity needs to be set in the range of 0.1-0.2m per second – any less than this could lead to fatigue among employees. Finally, humidity levels should reside between 40% and 70%, as higher levels of moisture can cause heat-related illnesses while low humidity could limit employee respiratory health. 

By keeping your working environment within these thresholds, productivity can be maintained without issue, and human performance can be optimised. Fanquip offers various industrial cooling systems to help achieve and maintain thermal comfort in indoor work environmentals.


HVLS Giant Fans

Industrial ventilation can be challenging, however, Fanquip’s Giant Fans offer a reliable cooling solution. With ultra-low noise properties and high volumes, they provide an unrivaled air movement efficiency that can easily service workshops, production areas and even animal holding sheds. By cooling large portions of the workspace quickly and in a cost-effective manner, Fanquip’s HVLS fans reach temperatures that are significantly lower than those achievable using traditional methods of cooling.  

These powerful fans provide superior air circulation, allowing enterprises to maintain a healthy and comfortable temperature while increasing efficiency. With wall-mount control boxes and variable speed control, businesses have full reign over the airflow of their air conditioning systems. Additionally, they are incredibly versatile: not only can they help cool a space during the summer, but they can also be used in the winter to recirculate warm air and stop it from stratifying at the top of the room. With their ability to cover large areas and maintain a comfortable temperature, Giant Fans provide a sustainable climate control solution for industrial buildings. 

Industrial cooling


Industrial Mancoolers are the perfect solution for high-traffic workplaces that need to keep temperatures comfortable while also providing powerful ventilation. Our selection of Mancoolers are uniquely designed to offer extra heavy-duty longevity and durability, while the Mini Mancoolers are intended to provide a powerful rate of fresh air close to the heat source. Those needing a more portable solution should consider Fanquip’s Mobile Mancoolers.  

Australian-made with a heavy-duty frame and large-diameter wheels, they are designed for more rugged conditions and are suitable for a wide range of applications from construction, manufacturing, and mining. These fans ensure that the temperature remains at a comfortable, safe level, even when conditions are harsh. That’s not all – Fanquip’s mancooler fans can come equipped with wall and ceiling mounts, hydromisting kits and hazardous ratings, giving you unbeatable value even when faced with the most challenging situations. 

Industrial cooling fan/s

Air Circulators

Air Circulation Fans are essential to many commercial and industrial working environments, providing a pleasant cooling breeze and critical air movement. Installing these fans in certain areas can make a big difference in air quality as well as temperature. Air Circulators are great for evenly distributing cooled or heated air, creating comfortable temperatures throughout any space. They can be used in office environments, retail stores, and virtually any other industry. Moreover, they are incredibly versatile, coming in pedestal, ceiling and wall mounts.  

Air circulator fans that can be placed on a pedestal mount are among the most popular for their portability. Unlike traditional ceiling or wall fans, pedestal fans are ideal for versatility as they can easily be moved from one place to another. This enables employers or people running industrial or commercial spaces to make use of one efficient device in various locations within their workplace, saving them time, energy, and, more importantly, money. 

Ceiling and wall mounts are popular in industrial and commercial settings as they take up less floor space when compared to pedestal fans. Installing a ceiling mount fan can effectively circulate the air throughout the entire space and create an even draft. Industrial ceiling mount fans are designed with powerful motors that spin blades at a slower speed to ensure maximum airflow throughout large areas making them ideal for warehouses and similar settings. While ceiling fans push air down, wall-mounted fans push air through space. These powerful fans provide directional cooling, either blowing in one direction or oscillating in a wide arc to disperse cool breezes throughout the room evenly.  

Industrial cooling systems

Roof & Wall Exhaust Fans

Roof exhaust fans and wall exhaust fans are a priority for reducing heat-load in the building by extracting the hot air to maintain lower indoor temperatures. Cooling solutions such as industrial Giant Fans, Air Circulators, or HVAC systems can be used in conjunction with exhaust or roof fans to improve their overall effectiveness. Installing extraction fans helps to expel stifling air as it rises, allowing cool air to circulate and move for focused cooling. Exhaust Fans also reduces humidity levels while reducing the strain on any cooling systems you may have installed.  

The graphic below showcases the synergy of fans and extraction systems; Giant Fans push down large volumes of cool air, while warm air rises and is expelled to extrernally via roof exhuast fans.  

Industrial cooling

Industrial cooling system considerations

Ventilation should be the foremost priority when choosing an industrial cooling system. Breathing in stagnant or stale air can lead to potential health implications such as skin irritations, headaches and fatigue [3]. Inadequate ventilation is particularly concerning for employees with underlying health conditions like asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. An effective ventilation systemallows hot air to be extracted from your business or industrial facility, keeping the space cool and comfortable. There are, however, several other factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the most effective cooling system for your industrial needs. 

When assessing which type of cooling system is best for your workplace, you should consider the amount of heat given off by the machinery and equipment used in day-to-day operations. The more heat the tools and machines give off, the more powerful a cooling system needs to be installed to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Another important factor to consider when choosing a cooling system is how much physical activity occurs within your workplace. If your business involves lots of manual labour or other strenuous activities, workers will generate more body heat than if they were sitting at a desk all day. As such, you will need a more powerful cooling unit to handle this increased thermal load. It’s also important to consider uniforms or PPE worn by workers. 

You must also factor in the number of people working at your business premises and the size of the space being cooled when selecting an appropriate cooling system for your needs. Generally speaking, larger spaces require more powerful units with greater coverage capabilities. Still, other variables such as ventilation and insulation must also be considered before deciding which type of unit would be most suitable for your premises. The climate zone where your business is located will determine what type of cooling system is most suitable for your premises.  

At Fanquip, we are committed to providing top-quality industrial fans and ventilation solutions. Since 1984, we have been providing reliable industrial ventilation products and services to help customers keep their workspaces cool. Whether you need big industrial fans capable of circulating air in entire warehouses or just simple stand fans, Fanquip has something to fit your needs.                


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